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We're all innovators, it's instinctual. It's what makes us human. From the wheel to the steam engine to the computer, innovation is continually evolving and changing how we live our lives. Whether it's brewing a better cup of coffee or ironing a shirt faster, the products we interact with everyday are constantly evolving and changing too. Never has the rate of product innovation been so fast. The newest smartphone comes along with features and innovations that makes our current model obsolete, and we count the days until we get the new one.

Product innovation is a key part of the product development process and it comes in two flavors. First is by adding real value for the consumer by improving an existing product or service. The second variation is the invention of a completely new product idea. In both scenarios, true innovation makes life better and adds convenience. Innovation can make products more affordable for your customers and more economical to manufacture for your company. Successful product innovation solves real-life problems for business and people.


Your business needs Innovation

Your competition is pushing the boundaries. They're trying to take your market share and are already planning their next move. Your company can't afford not to innovate.

The rate of change is ever increasing and by doing nothing your company may actually be falling behind. Your products need to stay ahead of the curve. Products have lifespans and their market share will eventually decline due to the newest innovative ideas. Even the best product design gets upgrades along the way to extend their lifespan.

Industry leaders all have a few things in common. They have the best product or service. They provide the best value. They have the most innovative solutions. They're never satisfied with their success.

What is your innovation strategy? Finding and working with business partners that have experience with innovation and the product development process is key but more important is following through. An idea only reaches its potential when it becomes reality. The hardest parts of the industrial design and product development processes is creating a company with an ideology that accepts change and innovation.


Product Innovation Case Studies:

JamHub Silent Rehearsal Studio

"Our son has talent, but his noisy band is wrecking our home. Find something, anything that restores peace and quiet." Joyce and Michael – Frustrated Parents


The JamHub allows a band to plug all their instruments and headphones into a single unit and lets them play and rehearse silently to the outside world, a simple enough idea that had never been done before. JamHub restores peace and quiet to the home, apartment, or dorm room, by enabling bands to practice, or jam, anywhere and anytime, without bothering friends, family, or neighbors.

VIEVU Wearable Police Video Camera

"Wow. What we needed was real documented evidence from the crime scene? Video from the officer's perspective would've been awesome!?" Eric – Law Enforcement Officer


The VIEVU is a small, durable, low-cost, and wearable video camera that can be clipped onto a police officer's shirt, jacket, hat, or helmet. Product innovations found on the VIEVU camera allow law enforcement the ability to focus on the community during routine patrols with full confidence that the VIEVU documents their experiences if a case ends up in court. With one switch an officer is either recording video or its off and the lens is covered. Using an optional car-mount lets police departments eliminate the expense of in-car only cameras. VIEVU stays with the officer while driving and then goes along for the on foot pursuit.

VIEVU's product innovations developed some unanticipated markets. Xtreme sports enthusiasts in skydiving, motocross, and snowboarding, share their videos on Youtube. Another new market is pet owners, who have been placing VIEVU cameras on their dogs curious about their alone time. Finally documented proof that Max unfortunately did indeed dig up the neighbor's tulips.

Relaj Ergonomic Water Bottle

"Can my water bottle be designed to make my ride faster, better, and safer?" Alex – Cycling's next Tour de France winner

The Relaj water bottle project started with one simple idea. How can we make an all around better bottle! The solution incorporates a number of innovative ideas. Improved ergonomics provide a better more comfortable grip even for smaller hands. The tapered front end and flexible spout permit the rider to drink and keep a level view of the road in front of them making for a safer ride. A large bottom opening allows for easy cleaning and oversized ice cubes to be added. Freezable ice sticks lets users keep their drinks cold and undiluted. The ice sticks also stay at the bottom of the bottle keeping even the last drop of beverage cold.

Zlidjian Gen-16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbals

"I want an electronic drumset with cymbals that feel, look, and sound real!" Ringo S. – Drummer…has some experience


The Gen-16 AE Cymbals are a groundbreaking new innovative product from ZIldjian. They look, feel, and play like a real cymbals unlike rubber triggers offered by competitors. Gen-16 Cymbals are real cymbals but they're perforated with thousands of engineered holes which mute the volume. A dual phase pick-up mounted below the cymbal takes the sound to a processor which shapes, models, and amplifies the output to the drummer's own preferences. Zildjian's Gen-16 Cymbals won both Musikmesse's (the world's largest music fair) "Most Innovative Product" Award, and NAMM's "Best in Show" Award.

JAM-DESIGN provides creative product innovation for our clients. Our industrial design ideology helps companies produce fresh and exciting product solutions.

Jonathan Marks
Owner / Industrial Design Director

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