JamHub Silent Rehearsal Studio

JamHubs were designed to give musicians the freedom to jam wherever they want, while being virtually silent to the outside world. Whether in a bedroom, dorm room or an apartment, bands can rehearse without disturbing parents, roommates, or neighbors.

Each musician plugs their headphones, mic, and instrument, into a separate section allowing them to adjust their own mix and settings. Simple forms, colors, and graphics, make performing with the JamHub easy to use right out of the box.

The line consists of three JamHubs covering a range of demographics: a smaller JamHub with fewer channels and more affordable price point for new or younger markets, a middle JamHub with additional channels for larger more experienced bands, and a top of the line model with on board digital recording.

Tethered remotes were designed to follow the brand language and let E-drummers connect without leaving their drumset each time they make a change.

Designing the component layout was like assembling a puzzle without the picture. The design and engineering teams worked closely to fit all the pieces together producing an efficient and compact design which could be assembled and manufactured at an affordable price.

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I want them all to myself”
Steve Skillings – President and Founder, JamHub LLC

IDEA - Industrial Design Excellence Awards 2010
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