Industrial Design Firm and Product Development Company

We help you produce the most innovative, and desirable, products imaginable. Our solutions create meaningful brand experiences that grow markets and produce new opportunities. Every design is required to be economically produced and fabricated. You're successful when all these principals are met.

JAM-DESIGN employs an honest no-nonsense approach to industrial design, offering services at every stage of product development, from research and strategy, to engineering and manufacturing support.

Your success is our top priority. We're here to help you create objects of function and desire.
  • Innovation!
    • add creativity and value to your brand.
  • Create Buzz!
    • Give your business new energy.
  • Globalization!
    • Design, Engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, sustainability.
  • Break Through!
    • Add experiences to build brand loyalty.
  • Be the Lead!
    • Leapfrog your competition.
  • Sustainability!
    • Responsible design benefits our world.
  • I Want That!
    • Grab the buyers attention.
  • Expand Markets!
    • Discover hidden oppurtunity.